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Jul 7, 2012 10:35pm EDT
that's the clearest representation or way that other people have used the statu of liberty to represent ideals of liberty that they want. but there are almost 40 countries around the world that have replicas of the statue of liberty. there are four in japan, there are two from earlier periods of china from pre-communist periods in china, france has 13 replicas of the statue of liberty. there are three in paris alone. there are in ukraine there's a statue of liberty. any place where at a point in time people have wanted to express their desire for liberty for change, for a better way of life, the statue of liberty is an image that has come to mind and that's why i think there are so many rep cass. >> and i love one of the things that i've heard you say before that she comes to represent whatever we need her for. and i think that's a great idea that she's both a piece of the past but she's also leading the way for ideals. >> i think that's -- after 9/11 we needed her for reassurance, for a sense of persistance. she had been there in new york harbor for over 100 years. she was unscathed by
Jul 8, 2012 2:15am EDT
this suffragist message, which is that, if you are going to represent women -- as liberty, guinea to give us liberty. >> the statue still serves as a counterpoint for political movements around the world. why don't we sum up by talking about ways in which the statute exists all over the world to make different statements? >> probably the one to begin with is the goddess that the chinese students put up in tiananmen square. this very explicitly was designed to be a replica of the statue of liberty -- the young man who came up with the idea had a postcard of the statue of liberty. he was from a town of thr hours by train from beijing. the reason why i know about this is that he was interviewed in "the new yorker." he told the story. he gets on the train, goes to beijing with this photograph of the statue of liberty, and he goes to the art school and he and students there decide that they need to represent their movement by creating a statue of liberty. they build this goddess of liberty out of papier-mache and other materials. at the last minute, thehange the features of the statue to make it
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2